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PARKER Brass Solenoid Valve NPT 3/8~2"
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    Explosion-proof Coil NEMA 4x, 7, 9
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    7221G Brass body
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    72218R SS316 Body
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    PARKER Brass Solenoid Valve NPT 3/8~2"

Parker 2/2-way Solenoid Valve
Direct Lift and Pilot Operator for Air, Water, Light Oil, Inert Gases etc.

72218BN3TN00 73218BN3TN00 73228BN64N00 7321GBN64N00
72218BN4UN00 73218BN4UN00 73228BN75N00 7321GBN76N00
72218BN5VN00 73218BN5VN00 73228BN87N00 7321GBN88N00
72218RN3TN00 73218BN64N00 7221GBN3VN00 7321GBN99N00
72218RN3UN00 73218BN75N00 7221GBN4VN00 7322GBN53N00
72218RN5VN00 73218BN87N00 7221GBN51N00 7322GBN64N00
72228BN3TN00 73228BN3TN00 7221GBN61N00 7322GBN76N00
72228BN4UN00 73228BN4UN00 7221GBN64N00 7322GBN88N00
72228BN5VN00 73228BN5VN00 7321GBN53N00 7322GBN99N00

● Port Size from NPT 1/4" to NPT 2"
● Available normally closed or normally open
● Pressure range from 0 to 16bar
● Forged brass body or SS316
● Stainless steel plunger, tube and spring
● Diaphragm available: NBR, EPDM, FKM
● Wide range of coils available: DIN IP65, Encapsulated IP67, UL approved, ATEX Explosion-proof