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AUTOMA Solenoid Valves
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    Standard Coil +LED/VDR DIN-plug IP65
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    Explosion-proof Coil ATEX II2G Ex dm IIC T5
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    Manifold Mounted Solenoid Valves
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    Body-Ported Solenoid Valves
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    NAMUR Solenoid Valves
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    AUTOMA Solenoid Valves
#ANS3000 AUTOMA NAMUR Mount Solenoid Valve
#AFS4000 AUTOMA Body-Ported / Manifold Mount Solenoid Valve
#3009EXM Explsoion-proof Coil ATEX II2G Ex m IIC T5
#3009EXD Explsoion-proof Coil ATEX II2G Ex dm IIC T5 

NAMUR is an international user association of automation technology in process industries. The interface design corresponds to the German NAMUR standard and VDI/VDE3845 recommendations of the actuator industries and permits a compact design of the actuator-valve unit.

NAMUR 3/2-way solenoid is usually used to operate the spring return pneumatic actuator and 5/2-way is used for double acting. AUTOMA manufactures both NAMUR and pipe mounting types in single and double solenoid. In this way, we can offer and meet our customer demands for a complete package of “Automatic Valve & Accessories”  

  • Direct mount to pneumatic actuator
  • Die cast aluminium body
  • Maximum pressure up to 10bar
  • High flow1000 l/min at 5bar air supply
  • Fast response time - less than 30ms
  • Metal manual override
  • Weather-proof IP65