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PARKER 3-Way SS430 Solenoid Valve NPT 1/8~1/4
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    Optional Coil Explosion-proof ATEX EExdmIICT4
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    Optional Coil Explosion-proof NEMA Type 4X,7,9
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    DIN Coil IP65
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    PARKER 3-Way SS430 Solenoid Valve NPT 1/8~1/4
PARKER 3/2-way Solenoid Valve

Series 7131-7133 for water - air - light oils - inert gases

71315SN1EN00 71315SN2EN00 71335SN1ANJ1 7131TVN2GV00
71315SN1ENJ1 71315SN2ENJ1 71335SN1ENJ1 7131TVN2JV00
71315SN1GN00 71315SN2GN00 71335SN1GNJ1 7131TVN2LV00
71315SN1GNJ1 71315SN2GNJ1 71335SN1KNJ1 7131TVN2NV00
71315SN1KN00 71315SN2KN00 71335SN2ANJ1 7133TVN2GV00
71315SN1KNJ1 71315SN2KNJ1 71335SN2ENJ1 7133TVN2JV00
71315SN1MN00 71315SN2MN00 71335SN2GNJ1 7133TVN2LV00
71315SN1MNJ1 71315SN2MNJ1 71335SN2KNJ1 7133TVN2NV00
71315SN1SN00 71315SN2SN00    
71315SN1SNJ1 71315SN2SNJ1    
71315SN1VNJ1 71315SN2VNJ1    


● Direct acting

● Port size NPT1/8-NPT1/4

● Normally closed, normally open, universal

● Pressure range from 0 to 400psi

● Stainless steel SS430 body

● Stainless steel plunger, tube and spring

● Seat material: NBR, PCTFE, FKM

Wide range of coils available: DIN IP65, Encapsulated IP67, UL approved, ATEX Explosion-proof