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HERION Screw-in Pressure Switch
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HERION & Lau Screw-in Electromechanical Pressure Switch
Series PDL

Screw-in Pressure Switches SW24 series PDL are electromechanical signal converter that are changing the pressure of fluids into electrical signals. The switching point within different pressure setting ranges is being factory-set. Optional the setting of switching point is adjustable by the user.

Screw-in Pressure Switch series PDL are designed for use in fluid-technical systems under normal environmental conditions.
The Pressure Switches PDL operates as a diaphragm pressure switch with different setting ranges. The specific design of the PDL, laid-out as a changer, enables overhanging electric performance characteristics. Based on this the PDL is applicable reliably for voltages up to max. 50V with a switching current up to 4A but also for small currents and voltages of 5V with minimum 5mA.

The units have a flat plug 6.3 x 0.8 available.

Optional a protection cap made of NBR is available.

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